26 years ago, we like many social service agencies, Townspeople tried to address emergency and short-term needs of low-income people living with HIV/AIDS.

Today, Townspeople recognizes that short-term help is of little effect in helping people sustain their lives after a crisis, who live in poverty, or who have mental or physical issues that are chronic.

Townspeople evolved its focus on permanent and supportive housing for low-income people with disabilities because evidence shows that safe, permanent and affordable housing is essential to the basics of life and serves as the foundation of self-sustainability.

The cycles and circumstances of homelessness and poverty must be replaced by a cycle of self-preservation and sustainability.

This is only achieved by a committed community of caring activists, citizens and leaders who understand that all citizens, especially taxpayers, benefit the most when there is no homelessness and less poverty; where people are supported in their abilities to sustain themselves, their families, and to help them grow each day.  

Our key goals include the acquisition and rehab of up to 500 affordable apartments in this decade; a sustained residency rate of 80% annually, new services to prevent homelessness and new actions that bring more supportive services to people at risk of falling through the cracks of society. 

 We believe that when we understand that when everyone is stable, all are safer; if everyone is sustainable, all save money; if everyone can see their potential for a better life, our families prosper; more people return to jobs, our tax base increases and we are much better able to enjoy the American dream and a better life.

Every homeless person who moves from the streets to supportive and permanent housing will save taxpayers over $25,000 per year. Consider this: There are at least 10,000 homeless people in San Diego. If we housed one third of them we would save over $80 million dollars in one year.

 This is the real key to the County’s and City’s redevelopment and our economic strength. As a community it is our obligation to provide the supports to help everyone achieve self-sustainability.

Our Mission is: To provide access for low-income people, especially those living with HIV/AIDS to affordable housing and other human services.  

 Our Vision includes an end to chronic homelessness in San Diego County through the use of housing first and supportive housing models and to increase the inventory of affordable housing overall in one of the country’s most expensive housing markets.

For over 25 years, Townspeople has been serving very-low and low income people who have significant life challenges. These challenges include health issues and disabilities that have placed them in a downward spiral into chronic cycles of homelessness, poverty and seemingly limited life options.

We intend to end the cycles of homelessness, abject poverty and the inequality of living well in San Diego. This is a humane mission based on the common needs of us all. Everyone needs a place to call home, the support they need to be stable, free from discrimination, and with as many options to provide for themselves and their families in a safe, secure community.


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