What if it was you?

Let’s pretend for a moment that AIDS started with you.  What if it began in your family or infected someone you knew? You would have taken action, I know that is true. If this was breaking news today would you do anything different? If it was infecting hundreds of people and they weren’t gay?

But it didn’t really happen that way.

We were relieved when we found out; it was not about us at all. We didn’t think it would affect us. It was just the gays after all. It’s all their fault, it was easy back then to say, “After all its the way they act, why do they want to be gay?

AIDS is more real than it was 30 years ago. Still no vaccine, no cure to show. After all this time do we still have far to go?

It took our country 87 years to abolish slavery and 82 more to grant our black citizens their equal civil rights. It took us 144 years to respect women enough to allow them to vote.

And it was only 38 years ago, in 1973, we decided that being gay was not a mental disease.

Does our history predict our future? Will it take 30, 50 or 60 more years till we stop one day to say that all these people are just like you and me?

By that time, at the rate we’re going, AIDS will have infected every family tree.

Then will we notice how callous we’ve been? When we look back on all the people those living with AIDS today; the ones who are sick and are homeless, with no food or medicine; the ones we don’t care for; the ones we throw away.

When we do nothing at all, and don’t do what we can, do any of us really have a chance to live again; to get better and stronger and maybe be well and live longer?

This is our day when we either decide to turn away or take care of those who need us who cry out for help each day. May this really be the day, this 24th World AIDS Day, when we open our hearts and hold them in our arms and let everyone hear:

“Let me give you some shelter, let’s fix what is wrong, let me cook you some dinner and we will sing a song, of days long forgotten days of ignorance when we were in fear that we might catch ‘it’ from of one of those queers.”

Have we really been doing this for 30 long years?

There are millions we should remember

Today – World AIDS Day – 12.01.11

And many more who need our prayers, our donations and our love.



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